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This is YOUR Date! Know When You Can Start Growing Basil Outdoors

As we patiently await for spring to arrive, the question we are asking ourselves is when can I start planting outside? The short answer to this is as soon as we can guarantee that there will be no frost. This simple question can be challenging to answer. Without looking through 30 years of meteorological data you won’t really know when the last spring frost will occur. Right?

Well… I made this answer easy for you.

Me (and a team of geeks) took a look at the data that is available to the public by the NOAA National Climatic Data Center and extracted the most important bits pertaining to when you can start growing basil. I made a nice little table for each state and area showing you exactly when you can start planting your herb gardens, based on 30 years of data. We had to do some serious number crunching here to provide you with this easy-to-digest information, but we did it. Just for you.

Below you can find a link with information for each state. Each state’s page will give you the following information:

  1. The county or area of interest.
  2. The first date after which there is a 90% chance of no frost occurring.
  3. The length of your basil growing season, from the point of that date.

Note: Keep in mind that basil likes to be warm, so you may want to adjust your start date accordingly.